Work Efficiently with Control365


Access from anywhere on any device

Easy to use

Receive automatic reports

Quick and simple order registration

Secure data storage in a cloud

Multi-level access

Rapid deployment and launching

You only need a tablet to work

Flexible setup to solve tasks set by clients

Quality control

Not always available, easy to lose

Difficult to understand and complicated

Uncomfortable to analyse data with

You must manually enter data into tables

Easy to damage and remove something

Difficult to find necessary data

Installation and setups that cause headaches

Expensive equipment and services

Paid updates

Tablet with Wi-Fi or 3G
This is all you need for the start

Equipment for start

For administrator and owner
Control365 makes business efficient, simpler and clear

Make an order in 10 seconds

To complete one order, the administrator or cashier spends an average of no more than 10 seconds.

Simple and intuitive interface

Working with the Control365 is easy as using a smartphone.

Cash management

The service shows the amount of cash in the cash desk, as well as the amount of payments passed on the card and non-cash payment in real time.

Pulling up order parameters from history

If you have a returning customer, Control365 will autofill fields to reduce errors and save time for the administrator.

Order registration

Building a motivation system
Automatic payroll


The system automatically calculates the salary for employees, and stores the entire history of charges and payments.

This flexible system allows you to adjust the rules for calculating wages and set goals for all employees by adjusting the rules of calculating wages, creating indices to guide you towards the level of enterprise you’d like to achieve.

The salary, commission, and bonuses can be adjusted separately for each employee and varies depending on many parameters such as type of service, time of day and many others. Accounting for payment issued will help avoid various misunderstandings.

Full online information about orders

Obtain access to orders information from any place on the Earth with any device in real time.

Orders management

Orders history

Orders history

The ability to view the history of customer orders significantly expands sales. Knowing information previously provided by a customer for any given service provides feedback on customer preference and can offer the administrator insight into what they liked and what their future purchases may be.

Our prices
Using the best solution does not mean paying the most

One month subscription

$ 50

For one car service station

Full functionality at any plan

All options are immediately available

Technical support already included

We will help you to solve any problem

Free updates

We work every day to make the service better

Connect Right Now
Just follow these steps to begin

Send us a request for a demonstration and we will contact you to agree on the time and method of demonstrating the service. Usually we conduct a demonstration via Skype, but other options are possible. On average, it takes about 30 minutes.
Send us price lists, description of business processes, rules for calculating salaries, hours of work, coordinates and other information about your company so that we can set up the system directly for you.
Depending on the specifics of your business, setting up the system from our side can take from several hours to several days. After everything is configured, we will send you a login and password for each employee who will be working on the system.

Free setup and training + personal manager