Making a List of Services for a Car Wash

The first thing we recommend starting with when creating a list of services is deciding on the format in which the car wash will work. It is possible to conditionally divide all enterprises of this type into two categories: ordinary car washes and deteyling centers.

Further recommendations will be relevant for ordinary car washes; a list of services for the deteyling center will be described in another article.

In order to create the optimal list of services for car washes, from our point of view, it is important:

  • Stick to established names on the types of work. Most people tend to avoid unfamiliar concepts, especially when they just need to wash the car. If you doubt the choice of a name for the service, we recommend using our standard ones or look at the statistics of the search engine’s queries, how people look for a particular service.
  • Do not change the content. Let us explain with a simple example, if it is accepted in the district that a standard car wash includes a wash of the floor mats, then do not violate the traditions and make this service separate. Most likely, the client will be disappointed when he finds out that he needs to pay extra for washing mats.
  • It is not necessary to unnecessarily detail the services, and indicate in the price list every wave of a washer rag.

We recommend that you adhere to the following list of services:

Услуга Описание
Technical Quick car wash with high water pressure without using chemicals and drying
Express Car wash with high water pressure using chemistry, chasing water from windows, without drying, without washing mats, wiping arches, thresholds of doors and trunk
Standard Car washing with high water pressure using chemistry, driving water off the windows, drying the body, washing the floor mats, wiping arches, door sills and trunk
Complex Car washing with high water pressure using chemistry, driving water from the windows, drying the body, washing the floor mats, wiping arches, door and trunk sills, vacuuming the car elephant, wet cleaning the car interior.

For a better understanding of the overall picture, the following is the statistics of the distribution of car wash types in customer orders:

Orders Percentage of the total (quantity) Percentage of the total (cost)
Complex 25,07% 44,32%
Standard 59,16% 34,58%
Express 8,19% 3,68%
Technical 4,10% 1,71%
Orders not including car wash 3,48% 15,71%

We advise you not to single out services that are ordered in less than 0.5% of cases. We also believe that a wide variety of services of the same type, for example, various types of hydrophobic body coatings, can only bring some confusion and we recommend that customers offer a choice of no more than three, but better than the two most effective and popular options.

From our point of view, the optimal list of additional services should look as follows:

  • Floor mats cleaning
  • Trunk mat cleaning
  • Vacuum interior
  • Vacuum boot
  • Wet cleaning
  • Body drying
  • Windows cleaning
  • Engine cleaning
  • Sink radiator
  • Polymer Body Coating
  • Body Waxing
  • Odor removal
  • Hydrophobic windows coating
  • Wheel wash
  • Rims cleaning
  • Tire blacking
  • Door Seal
  • Tar removal
  • Bug removal
  • Leather clean
  • Dry cleaning
  • Machine buff

To illustrate our choice, below are statistics on the popularity of services as a percentage of the total:

Service Percentage of total (number) Percentage of total (cost)
Complex 15,74% 38,56%
Standard 37,14% 30,08%
Dry cleaning 1,29% 8,19%
Machine buff 0,89% 5,46%
Express 5,14% 3,20%
Vacuum interior 8,11% 3,00%
Technical 2,57% 1,48%
Polymer Body Coating 1,32% 1,45%
Engine cleaning 1,35% 1,18%
Vacuum boot 4,19% 1,11%
Floor mats cleaning 9,57% 1,08%
Wet cleaning 2,69% 1,04%
Body Waxing 1,21% 0,68%
Body drying 3,24% 0,68%
Leather clean 0,49% 0,51%
Wheels wash 1,32% 0,47%
Odor removal 0,30% 0,33%
Windows cleaning 0,91% 0,31%
Machine buff 0,04% 0,25%
Hydrophobic windows coating 0,10% 0,18%
Tire blacking 0,45% 0,15%
Rims cleaning 0,25% 0,13%
Tar removal 0,12% 0,11%
Trunk mat cleaning 0,88% 0,10%
Door Seal 0,34% 0,09%
Bug removal 0,07% 0,04%
Sink radiator 0,06% 0,03%
Other services 0,20% 0,11%

Also, for the convenience of the administrator, we recommend having separate lists of services and price lists for taxis, car sharing and counterparties, especially since our service makes it easy to configure this. As practice shows, these categories of customers in the vast majority of cases use 2-3 services.

I would like to pay special attention to such services as “Machine buff” and “Dry cleaning.”

We strongly recommend that you offer these services only if you are sure that you can provide them at the proper level, especially when it comes to polishing.

Once you have compiled a general list of services that your company will offer, you can proceed to pricing, but before that you need to decide how the cars will be divided into categories and how services will be configured for each category.