Ordering Guidelines

This article will be useful to those who are just starting to work with our service and contain recommendations and tips on its use, which will allow you to organize work in the shortest possible time.

After you have received logins and passwords to access the service, as well as configured the device from which you will use the program, you need to log in under the administrator account and go to the "Checkout" tab.

Выбор пункта меню Оформление заказов

In order to verify that everything is configured correctly, we advise you to place several real orders, for example, orders for yesterday.

Ordering Rules

We recommend arranging orders by the administrator according to the following principle:

  1. Opening an order. We strongly recommend that the administrator always has the device for placing orders at hand and open a new order at the moment when the car enters the territory of the enterprise.

    Even if the client leaves without using your services, you can simply complete the empty order.

    To create a new order, you need to click the big green button at the bottom of the screen, after which the order form will open.

    Открытие нового заказа
  2. Filling in the "Vehicle Number" field. While the car is in the place where the services will be rendered, try to fill in the "Car number" field. This will allow you to tighten up data about the car and the client, if the client came to you again, and save time on further ordering, as well as see the history of orders, the availability of discounts and other information that will offer the client the best possible service. For example, contact him by name, ask if he was satisfied with his previous visit and, depending on the history of orders, offer a certain set of services.

    Заполнение поля Номер автомобиля
  3. Counterparty selection. If the client belongs to an organization with which a cashless payment agreement has been concluded or special conditions are in force (if this did not happen automatically), it is necessary to indicate this at this stage.

    Выбор контрагента
  4. Services selection. After the list of services has been agreed with the client, the administrator needs to select the vehicle category (if this did not happen automatically) and the set of services.

    If at your enterprise the prices for services vary depending on the car category, check that the number of car categories matches your price list, and the names allow you to clearly understand the correspondence of the categories.

    Выбор услуг
  5. Discount selection. In some cases, the program may set the discount amount automatically, according to the rules introduced earlier. If for some reason this did not happen, and the client is entitled to a discount, it is necessary to choose the size of the discount.

  6. Coordination of the cost of work. After the car category has been determined and the services and discount size have been selected, the program will automatically calculate the amount of the order, which the administrator agrees with the client, after which the preliminary work with the client is completed.

    Check that the order amount matches your price list.

    Выбор скидки и согласование стоимости работ
  7. The choice of performers. Next, the administrator selects the performers and saves the order.

    Выбор исполнителей
  8. Fill in the remaining fields. Filling in additional fields, such as a car brand, can be done by the administrator at any time before closing the order and can be delayed until later if there is no time for this at the moment.

  9. Receive payment. Upon receipt of payment, the administrator must open the necessary order and transfer it to the "Paid" status and save.

  10. Completion and closing of the order. After the work has been completed and the client has accepted it, the administrator needs to complete the order.

At the end of the day, all completed orders must be in the "Closed" status, and the amount of cash (cash, card and account) on the "Cashier" tab should correspond to the actual revenue.