Services Setup for Car Wash

After you have compiled a general list of services for your company and divided all cars into categories, you can proceed to setting up services.

Control365 allows you to store a different set of services and prices for those services for each category. Customization services for each category can significantly optimize the interface for ordering. For example, you can remove the services associated with cleaning the trunk for the category "Minibus" and add salon seat cleaning services.

For each service, you can adjust the multiplicity in several ways, which allows you to increase the price of the service by the required number of times, depending on its value:

  • Standard display of the service (no multiplicity);
  • Multiplicity selection with buttons;
  • Increase and decrease the multiplicity using the "+" and "-" buttons, with the setting of the step.

You can also configure manual entry of the service price and combine services into groups.

Let us illustrate this possibility with a few examples.

Often, customers ask to wash not all car mats, but only two front ones, or clean not all disks, but only two front ones, and some owners or managers go to meet them and indicate the price not for 4 pieces, but for one unit. In this case, it is advisable to configure these services with a choice of multiplicity using the buttons (from 1 to 4), in order to register this service with one click. The service allows you to add from 2 (useful in cases where you often need to double the price of a service) up to 4 multiplicity buttons.

Setting up the car carpets washing service Setting up the car carpet washing service

Sometimes the price for some car wash services is set for one item or piece, and the number of such items or pieces can be large. An example would be the price for cleaning a car body element from bitumen or dry cleaning a bus seat.

In this case, we recommend adjusting the multiplicity selection using the “+” and “-“ buttons. This method does not allow you to select the multiplicity with one click, but it allows its value in a larger range. In addition, you can adjust the step with which the multiplicity value will increase or decrease.

Setting up the service of cleaning the body from bitumen Setting up a service for cleaning a body element from bitumen

As mentioned above, the service allows you to manually enter the cost of the service. This is useful in cases where the price for the service varies or is negotiable. Thus, the services “Interior Dry Cleaning” and “Body Polishing” are often set up at those car washes where these services are not specialized, and the cost of the work is determined by the master individually.

Customizing the body dry cleaning service Setting up a body dry cleaning service with manual price entry

Sometimes a significant optimization of the administrator's work can be obtained by combining services into a group, a good example of using this opportunity is setting up the services "Dry Cleaning" and "Polishing" for detailing centers, where these services are "on stream" and the price is fixed for each element.

Setting up a dry cleaning service by elemental

In addition, the program allows you to store separate price lists for contractors with their own division of cars into categories, a set of services and their settings.