Vehicles Categorisation for a Car Wash

In order to be able to indicate different prices for services for different vehicles, it is advisable to divide all the cars into categories.

This will allow you to:

  • Optimize the price of services, which will vary depending on labor costs and consumption of detergents;
  • Precisely control the time of work and supplies, If there are standards for each category;
  • Form the right pricing policy for various categories of customers.

As practice shows, when dividing cars into categories, it is important to find a "middle ground". If there are too few categories, it is likely that orders with different costs will have the same prices. Or vice versa, if there are too many categories, it may be difficult to understand the cost of the service first of all for the client, as well as for the car wash staff.

Most people love simplicity. The client may simply not want to understand the complex classification in order to find out or check the price of the service and would prefer another car wash.

We also noticed that in car washes with a large number of categories, the number of conflict situations (when the client believes that his car belongs to one category and the administrator has a different opinion) is significantly higher.

Therefore, we believe that for most car washes, dividing cars into 5 categories is optimal:

  • Compact cars
  • Medium-sized cars
  • Crossovers
  • SUVs
  • Minibuses and commercial vehicles

If a car wash serves trucks, the division of these cars into categories will be described in another article.

Sometimes, due to the specific nature of the area or customers, a car wash does not actually serve compact cars. In this case, the first and second categories can be combined into one.

It is also advisable to fix which cars belong to each category according to their make and model. This will be an important help for your administrator in situations where it is difficult to visually determine the relation of the vehicle to the category.

The most difficult situations arise when different administrators relate one car to different categories. Therefore, we added functionality to our program for automating car washes that allows you to work in two modes:

  • To determine the category of the car manually, choosing the one from the list;
  • To define the category by make and model of the vehicle, and only if the make and model were not found in the matching list, select the category manually.

According to statistics, for most car washes, our classification of cars, as well as lists of matching brands and models to these categories, will be optimal. Therefore, we most often recommend using them. The service also allows you to customize categories and lists individually or to form them from the order history after a short period of work.