Vehicles Categorisation for a Tire Service

In most cases, the cost of tire work varies depending on the diameter of the wheel, but sometimes the complexity of the work and therefore, the cost for the same diameter can vary significantly depending on the type of vehicle. In order to be able to vary prices depending on the type of car, it is necessary to divide all vehicles into categories and set separate prices for each category.

We recommend dividing cars into 3 categories:

  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Commercial

If the tire service serves trucks, the allocation of a group in a separate category is almost a prerequisite since prices for services and their list for this category of cars is significantly different from the rest.

Some tire changers separately distinguish the “Crossovers” category, we do not recommend this because often the same wheel models are used on full-size sedans and crossovers, and the complexity of the work for these two categories is practically the same.

Sometimes the category of commercial vehicles is combined with SUVs, we also do not recommend this, but for a different reason. The fact is that commercial vehicles in most cases use separate types of tires and the number of wheel diameter variations for this category is significantly less than for SUVs. Putting this category of vehicles in a separate category can significantly facilitate the execution of orders and reduce the number of errors.