Why do you need the Control365 for car wash, tire service or garage

In this article we will clarify you with real examples why the owner or manager of a car wash, tire fitting or car service requires a Control365 cloud system.

Building a motivation system

Most car washes are characterized by simple payroll rules. In most cases, the employee receives 25% of the amount of services rendered, and the administrator who sold these services to the client receives 10%. Sometimes there are times when the administrator receives a fixed exit fee. For tire fitting or car service, the percentage of the tire fitting or car mechanic is usually 40 or 50%.

This system is easy to use, but not optimal in terms of enterprise performance. Using it, the administrator is not motivated to sell additional and premium services. They earns his 10% by selling standard services (cleaning the body and floor mats), which most customers will buy when they arrive at the car wash, and they just needs to show where to position the car, and selling additional (dry cleaning of disks or skin conditioner), which you need tell the customer and offer. The same applies to the wages of workers performing the order. If, for example, you begin to pay salaries to administrators in the amount of 6% percent from standard services, and with additional and premium 15 or 20%, after the change the opportunity to improve up-selling will lead to improved business and client satisfaction. Such a motivation system may slightly increase employee salary costs, however this is fully offset by an increase in the average check. For enterprises that have switched to such a motivation system, net profit usually increases by 15-20%, and sometimes even more, depending on the abilities of the staff.

By setting different percentages at different times of the day, you can solve the problems associated with the reluctance of employees to work night shifts. In addition, you can also increase the percentage of services whose provision requires qualifications and experience, such as polishing and dry cleaning. Control365 allows you to flexibly customize the staff motivation system. A full list of salary adjustment options in our service can be found in this article.

Different prices and a list of services for different contractors

When the manager of a car wash, tire service or car service enters into agreements with other enterprises, often the prices for services may differ from the prices for customers on the street. The list of services and even their content may also differ. In our system, you can create separate price lists for services for each client, with its composition, prices, names and even the division of cars into classes. This can significantly reduce the time for placing orders; the administrator does not need to spend time searching for information. Also, this opportunity allows you to avoid cases where the client may be provided with services that are not in the contract. The administrator will feel confident from the first days of work, and the manager will spend much less time on his training and adaptation.

Promotions Evaluation

Using Control365, it’s easy to evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing stocks; the manager can quickly and accurately calculate the number of orders that participated in the stock and see their distribution over time. If you have several similar objects, then such an analysis will be even more useful since You can compare the effectiveness of the action for different objects in the same conditions.

Increase Transparency

It is worth noting that this applies not only to ongoing shares, but also to the work of the enterprise as a whole. With the help of reports, you can easily obtain a visual picture of the enterprise’s work, as well as draw up an opinion on the work of each employee, for example, by comparing the average bill and the average rating of customer reviews for different administrators or employees. The system allows you to calculate materials according to standards, when for each service for each category of vehicles you can tie the consumption of certain materials, and compare this consumption with the actual. So, for example, it is very easy to analyze the quality of detergents when, all else being equal, their consumption increased or decreased. To analyze the average time of car maintenance in the context of various services provided.

Collect customer reviews

If the owner or manager is not present at the facility, then surely information about negative situations or customer reviews will not reach him. And it is this information that is received and analyzed that is most effective for improving the quality of the services provided. The administrator or employees are simply not interested in keeping management informed of such events. Using our service, it’s easy to organize a channel for customers where they can give feedback, and the manager can quickly respond and take the necessary actions to solve the problem.

Bonus system

According to our statistics, the bonus system is the most effective way to attract and retain customers. Organizing such a system without using an information system is extremely difficult. Detailed information about the various options for setting up the bonus system can be found in this article.

Creating a customer base

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the client base for the company providing services. Many create it, but few use it successfully. Our Control365 program allows not only to differentiate access to such information for different employees (to provide different levels of access for different accounts), but also to receive information from it in exactly the same volume and at the moment when it is necessary. For example, at the moment when a client arrives at a car wash or tire fitting, the administrator or mechanic can see what services they used in the last 10 visits or what the client’s name is. This can greatly facilitate communication with the client.

Printing Documents

Using our service, you can greatly simplify the printing of any documents. The program allows you to generate and print documents (order-orders, acts of work performed, invoices, checks) using both standard and individual templates.