Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the service need constant access to the Internet?
Can I buy a program and not pay a monthly fee?

No, for two main reasons:

  • Control365 is a live product on which we constantly working;
  • Control365 cannot be separated from our support.
Can we customize and change the list of services, prices and etc?

Yes, but we do the initial setup. This may take several days for you and our resources to explain some of the subtleties. We usually do this in no more than an hour.

Which tablet to work with the program is better to buy?

Any modern tablet with Internet access will suffice. It’s not worth buying an expensive device, but it’s also not worth saving. Take a device with a good screen and battery life. Such tablets cost about $ 200-250. Be sure to immediately buy a protective shockproof cover.

Full operation is guaranteed in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Detailed information about devices that support the latest version of browsers can be found in this article.

I concerned about the safety of data on the work of my company and its customers.

We do not share any information to a third parties. We use encrypted communication channels and reliable data storage. To alleviate any concerns we handle all data according to the latest regulations and quidelines covering data protection.

It seems to me that your system suits my requirements, but I would like to be able to modify the system if and when required – is it possible?

Yes, we can modify our service to match your needs. It is free of charge if the modification fits into the development concept, but when selecting a 12 month contract.