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Car Wash & Detailing, Tire Service and Garage

Control365® is a simple and convenient solution for order registration, report generation and work with the clients

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Control365 is a simple and convenient solution for order registration, report generation and work with the clients


Control365 is a cloud service for car wash, tire service and car service companies helps owners and management work efficiently, control, account, attract and retain customers.

Car Wash & Detailing, Tire Service and Garage

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All Essential Functionality

For car wash, tire and auto maintenance services

Our prices

Using the best solution does not mean paying the most

Tablet or Smartphone with Wi-Fi or 3G

This is all you need for the start

Hardware for the start

You can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer that you already have if they meet the minimum requirements. If you do not have the equipment, we recommend to purchase a tablet. We also advise you to immediately buy a case on the device.

Recommended models

Minimum requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Support for the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox

For car wash

  • Lenovo Tab 3 8"
  • Lenovo Tab 4 8"

For tire service

  • Lenovo Tab 3 10"
  • Lenovo Tab 4 10"

Quick ordering

Using a handy form

Order registration

For placing one order in our automation system of car wash, tire fitting and car service, an employee spends on average no more than 10 seconds, and the interface can be configured for each enterprise individually.


Control of balances, receipts and write-offs on your smartphone


Quick access to information about the state of the warehouse, the formation of receipts and write-offs from any device. Set up automatic charges. Reminder of planned arrivals

The service allows you to keep warehouse records not only on a stationary computer or laptop, but also on a tablet or smartphone.

The ability to set up write-offs of consumables when choosing certain services and car categories.

Convenient reminders that all the ordered spare parts for order fulfillment have arrived and control of the low level of consumable residues.

Information about planned receipts and write-offs.

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Simple and convenient cost accounting

Nothing is easier for keeping track of your expenses

Учёт расходов

Consider not only income, but also expenses in the enterprise. With our system, this can be done quickly and conveniently, and most importantly, you can easily calculate the profit and see the main categories of expenses in the reports.

The system allows you to take into account expenses paid in cash, by card or by account, and also indicate whether the money was taken from the cash desk or other sources. We keep a history of expenses for the entire period. Data is easy to find using filters.

Building a motivation system

Automatic payroll


The system automatically calculates the salary for employees, and stores the entire history of charges and payments.

This flexible system allows you to adjust the rules for calculating wages and set goals for all employees by adjusting the rules of calculating wages, creating indices to guide you towards the level of enterprise you’d like to achieve.

The salary, commission, and bonuses can be adjusted separately for each employee and varies depending on many parameters such as type of service, time of day and many others. Accounting for payment issued will help avoid various misunderstandings.

Getting full online information about the orders

Obtain the access to order’s information from any place on the Earth using any device in real time

Orders management

Orders history

Help an administrator sell more services with quick access to customer order history

Orders history

The service allows the administrator to get an access to the last 10 customer’s orders by phone, car or discount card. This feature can greatly assist in the sale of additional services.

After receiving information about the services used by the client, the administrator can ask the client if he’s pleased with the service and, in case of a positive answer, he may suggest to use the service again.

The administrator can see that the client has not visited the car wash for some time and he can ask for the reason. It also allows you to recognize a regular customer quickly. You must agree that customers love to see when they’re being cared for.

Coordination of jobs

Fast, convenient and easy communication with the client via modern communication channels such as WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram

Coordination of jobs
Coordination of jobs

Formation and printing of work orders

The possibility of documents printing for customers of a car wash, tire store and service station at any of the templates

Formation and printing of work orders

Customer loyalty programs

Built-in mechanisms for the implementation of discount and bonus campaigns

Customer loyalty program

Bonus programs or cumulative discount programs are an additional incentive for the customers to use your services again. Our service contains everything needed to implement and maintain various loyalty programs. If you are already using some other loyalty program in another system, we can help with data transfer.

If you still use discount cards with a regular discount, the transition to the system with cumulative discounts will significantly increase the motivation of customers to use your services more often and in a larger volume.

The transition to the bonus points system will save approximately 75% of the losses from the price reduction with the same involvement of customers.

Client identification by a number of the vehicle or the mobile phone number does not require any cost for manufacture of plastic cards and it is significantly easier for the customers.

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